The policy describes how to obtain a library card, how many items can be checked out, library fines, lost materials, etc. A copy of the policy can be downloaded here.

The Rossford Library welcomes you as a patron of our services. Please review carefully, the circulation policies outlined below so that you can make the best use of our library with the most convenience.

Statement of Patron Responsibility

A library card is a valuable resource. Patrons of the Rossford Public Library are responsible for all materials checked out on their card. If said materials are returned late, damaged or are lost, the patron is responsible for paying the associated fines or replacement fees. The parent or legal guardian of a minor patron is responsible for all materials checked out on the minor patron’s card.

Applying for a Library Card


Patrons who reside within the state of Ohio, with identification, are eligible for a library card and may register as a borrower. Acceptable identification must have the most current and correct mailing address and applicants must supply a valid phone number or email address. If you do not have identification depicting your current address, you may present a utility bill or other piece of mail that was addressed to and received by you at your home address. Patrons with a non-local address who will be in the area for an extended period of time may obtain a library card if we are provided with both their short term and permanent addresses providing that one of those addresses is within the state of Ohio. While P.O. boxes are accepted, a physical address must also be provided. Since the library does not notify patrons of overdue items by mail or phone, an email or text alert is the preferred method of patron notification for over dues as well as the arrival of requested items.


Borrowers under the age of 18 must have a library card application signed by a parent or legal guardian to obtain borrowing privileges. Parents are encouraged to have a library card of their own. A minor library card will not be issued to an adult with no child present. It is up to a parent or legal guardian to determine at what age their child may obtain borrower privileges.


Senior cards are issued to patrons age 65 and over. Senior cards do not accrue overdue fines; however, senior patrons are still responsible for the cost of lost or damaged items. Due dates and renewal limitations still apply.


Teacher cards are issued to patrons who verify a teaching position at a local school or daycare. The teacher card is to be used for classroom materials only with any personal materials being charged to the teacher’s regular patron card. Teachers requesting a teacher card must first have a personal account. Although no overdue fines are accrued on a teacher account, replacement costs will be charged for lost or damaged items and due dates and renewal limitations still apply. The teacher’s work address as well as their home address is required to obtain this privilege. Teacher cards cannot be used to access the internet on the library’s computers. The teacher card privilege is only valid at the Rossford Public Library and cannot be used at other libraries in Wood County.

Patron Account Security

No one is allowed to use another person’s card for any purpose under any circumstances, including checking out materials and using a computer. Patrons should treat their library card as they would a credit card. Patrons should report a lost or stolen library card to the library as soon as possible. The owner of a lost or stolen card is responsible for all materials checked out on that card up to the time that he or she reported it to the library as lost or stolen. It the patron’s responsibility to notify the library if they move or if any other pertinent information changes so that their record may be updated.

Loan Periods and Fine Structure

The Rossford Library’s loan periods and overdue fine structure is as follows:

Books 28 days .10 a day if overdue (new fiction -14 days)

DVDs/Blu-rays 7 days .10 a day if overdue (browsing copies/ new movies- 7 days)

CDs 14 days .10 a day if overdue (new music CDs-14 days)

Magazines 7 days .10 a day if overdue

Audio books/Playaways 14 days .10 a day if overdue

Electronic Games 7 days .10 a day if overdue

Puzzles & Kits 28 days .10 a day if overdue

Tables & Chairs 2 days .50 a day (per piece) if overdue

Materials from other libraries may have different loan periods. Please check your receipt for due dates. Materials may be returned to any library in Wood County. Items may be renewed up to four times providing no other patron is waiting and the item is renewable.

Patrons are limited to 100 items checked out on their card at a time. This includes a 5 item limit on electronic games. New borrowers are limited to a total of five 5 items (excluding any electronic games) until the time that their mailed library card is received at the home address and brought back to the

library. At this time, the patron’s record will be adjusted to the 100 item limit as long as the record is in good standing.

Non Renewable materials include -browsing collection items, electronic games, items requested by other patrons, and loans borrowed from libraries outside of our consortium. Miscellaneous fees such as, but not limited to, printing, copying and faxing may not be applied to a patron’s library account and must be paid for at the time the service is provided.


Lost, Damaged or Stolen Materials

Materials may be renewed four times provided no other patron is waiting. This may allow some time to search for a missing item. Once the item has aged to lost status, the patron is charged the replacement cost of the item. Overdue fines accrued on lost items shall not exceed $5.00.

Library materials returned damaged will be reviewed and repair or replacement fees will be accessed to the patron’s account.

Library materials stolen from a patron are the responsibility of the patron. A receipt may be offered to the patron for insurance purposes.

In the event that materials are damaged by a verifiable act of God, the library will assess each situation individually.

Delinquent Accounts/Collection Agency

Borrowing privileges will be restricted for patrons with accounts showing fines in excess of $5.00.

The Rossford Public Library contracts with a collection agency to manage delinquent accounts over $25.00. This agency utilizes a material recovery system that significantly increases the return of past due materials. An initial reminder is sent by the agency, followed up by incremental attempts to recover fines or materials. A $10.00 non-refundable recovery charge will be added to each account that is referred for collection services.

Patrons with fines and fees in excess of $25.00 will not be permitted to use public library internet services at the Rossford Public Library.


(Revised 6/2014)