We would like to congratulate all of the winners. We also want to thank all of the students who participated in this year's contest. The poems were published in the Rossford Record Journal's May 8, 2014 edition. Click on a poem's title to navigate to that poem.

Junior High Winners
1st: "What Makes Me, Me" - Emoni Harmon, seventh grade
2nd: "Final Resting Place" - Emilia Christoff, seventh grade
3rd (tie): Haiku Poem - Colleen Palmer, seventh grade
3rd (tie): Haiku Poem - Casey Reno, seventh grade

High School Winners
1st: "The Piano Player" - Emily Price, senior
2nd: Untitled - Isabella Wise, sophomore (Penta)
3rd: "Sweet Dreams" - Jacob Miller, senior (Penta)

First Place – Rossford Junior High School
"What Makes Me, Me" - Emoni Harmon, seventh grade

What makes me, me
Is it the DNA in my veins?
My total family tree
The shoes on my feet
My selfies on lnstagram
The friends I call after school
My overall GPA
The things I like on Facebook or Pinterest
How fast I got the newest iPhone
The house I live in
The clothes I wear
My favorite celebrity
How I like to do my hair
If I still have a teddy bear
If I live under a rock or not
How big my TV screen is
The part-time job I have in the summer
If I like pizza or not
If I dislike Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber
How many sports I compete in
Who my favorite teachers are
All I know is that I am myself and that myself is ME.


Second Place - Rossford Junior High School
"Final Resting Place" - Emilia Christoff, seventh grade

My heart was broken on this day
    In 2006, the month of May.
When a man came by to say
    Our beloved David passed away.
He was so young, he was so brave.
    Yet now he lay inside a grave.
Now the truth that I must face,
    Arlington is his final resting place.


Third Place (Tie) - Rossford Junior High School
Haiku Poem - Colleen Palmer, seventh grade

Spring is a calm time
The Japanese blossoms bloom
The grass is pea green


Third Place (Tie) - Rossford Junior High School
Haiku Poem - Casey Reno, seventh grade

The warmth on my skin
Fire falls beneath the trees
I see the sun set


HS First Place – Rossford High School
"The Piano Player" - Emily Price, senior

Swiftly, gracefully, the girl walks upon the stage
To reach the piano of shining black.
Adjust the seat and place the music,
A song is ready to fill our hearts.
But there is always fear at first,
A sense of dread to release her soul
To a group of those who may not fathom
The dreams hidden within her tune.
Thus, her song is soft and skittish at first;
Her hands tremble, and she falters.
Her nerves speak out with every note,
But soon a smile plays upon her lips
As she realizes what she forgot before,
Of how many colors these keys of black and white
Can create with so few simple notes.
How from the black shine of a piano’s frame,
You can glimpse the beauty that’s inside of her.
And her hands dance with her joy!
And the piano sings out with a laugh!
There’s a sense of peace in those who listen,
And those who read music truly understand
That the girl has found peace in her song.
It flows from her and fills the room.
She’s mastered the keys of the instrument ...
And she’s unlocked the entire world.


HS Second Place – Penta Career Center
Untitled - Isabella Wise, sophomore

I experienced change in my life. Change is the one constant
in our lives. Things will not stay the same no matter
how much we would like them to. There are changes that
we looked forward to and changes that we fear. When a
life changes, we have two choices in how we should respond
to it. We can despair that a change has come and assume
that things will be worse, or we can look with
excitement at the new possibilities that the changes present.

Life has its experiences that we encounter as we go
through life. Day by day struggles and heartbreaks are experienced
by the world’s creatures. As a human being,
when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to
choose how to react to all of the crossroads of life. That
decision we all make has significance. The tiniest choice
that we had made will go throughout the entire universe.


HS Third Place (Tie) – Penta Career Center
“Sweet Dreams” - Jacob Miller, senior

As I lay my head down
I feel this lone pain on my crown
Exhausted from this long day
Hoping my bad thoughts go away
I can feel my heart beat
At the same time I feel all too weak.

I close my eyes as the room turns dark
I feel a sense of relaxing as the air grows soft
The tension in my body flows off like a snake
As my imagination begins to come aloft
I finally feel at peace and rest
As my body lay on this cotton nest.

I have now found myself alone
Sitting next to an old red wood tree
Next to a small creek, with the light barely peeking
I feel in paradise as I lay my hand on my knee
There are many animals about
Squirrels, birds, foxes and deer alike
This view is all too perfect
For the lone traveler to take a hike.

As I exhale my long held breath
I close my eyes and become as silent as death

Once my eyes open again
I sit on the hillside of a rugged green hill
The sunset reminds me of a younger me
As I feel the cool of the evening chill
The grass stabs my back as I lay back
I see a goose herd has returned from down yonder
I see a little one separate from the herd
Luckily they spot and guide him before he could endlessly wander
I have now the feeling of being rested
I’m glad of this vision I chose to make
Though like all good things
It must end and I must wake.

The sun greets my eyes with light
And I feel very much alive
I yawn once or twice
Than all my energy begins to arrive
I gaze out the window and listen
As I hear the robins tweet
I smile and recollect on my own creation
The dream was no more than bittersweet.