We would like to congratulate all of the winners. We also want to thank all of the students who participated in this year's contest. The poems will be published in the Rossford Record Journal. Click on a poem's title to navigate to that poem.

Junior High
1st: Untitled - Scott Gilbert, 7th Grade
2nd: "I Am Complex" - Reannah Loera, 7th Grade
3rd (tie): "Do You Like Yourself?" - Aly Soltan, 8th Grade (Maumee Valley Country Day School)
3rd (tie): "The Rose" - Saniyah Brandon, 7th Grade (Maumee Valley Country Day School)

Junior High
1st: "Dreamland" - Cody Winterfeld, junior (Penta)
2nd: Untitled - Brittany Lynn Paul, junior (Penta)

Junior High First Place - Rossford Junior High
Untitled - Scott Gilbert

A cry of a baby
The scream of a young boy
The silence of a teen
The seriousness of an adult
The story of an elder
And the cycle goes on and on


Junior High Second Place - Rossford Junior High
"I Am Complex" - Reannah Loera

My Wisdom…Comes From Experience
My Strength…Is An Illusion
My Confidence…Masks My Insecurities
My Passion…Driven By Pain
My Weaknesses…Make Me Stronger
My Innocence…Shouldn’t Be Mistaken for Ignorance
My Calm…Hides A Storm Of Emotions
My Silence…Is Purely Free Will
My Tolerance…A Gift
My Patience…Doesn’t Exist
My Limit…Shattered Everyday
My Scars…Represent A Timeline
My Past…Doesn’t Define Me
My Tears In This World
Full Of Pain
And Suffering Is Courage, Not Weakness.


Junior High Third Place - Maumee Valley Country Day School
"Do You Like Yourself?" - Aly Soltan

No. I do not like myself.
I absolutely do not like myself
You see, I love myself.
I consider myself “self-confident”.
I’m a bit narcissistic.
I have faults, but I ignore them.
I make mistake, but I fix them.
I trust myself. When others don’t.
I take a selfie, and admire it.
I may not be the most handsome,
But in my eyes, I’m the definition of beauty.
I adore myself. To cover the pains of the world.
I have fun, before it’s too late.
I love myself. I will always love myself.
Even if no one else does.
(but people do, so it’s okay.)


Junior High Third Place - Maumee Valley Country Day School
"The Rose" - Saniyah Brandon

The rose creeping up from the earth
the red rose, lovely kind, and beautiful
little rose.
The shinning place of home
to a
I would love to live with her,
orange seeds inside like pumpkins

When the soft wind hits the rose
It sounds like a perfect wave
The rose is smooth and soft like
a pillow or a bed

She smells like rain drops after a shower
and then sprays herself with a perfume
making her smell like flowers

This rose is a happy
She smiles and waves to me
She glows glimmers and shines
from the shinning sun

But soon I must say good-bye
for winter is near
so my rose waves good-bye
and shrinks back into
her tiny hole.
But the rose will be back,


High School First Place - Penta Career Center
"Dreamland" - Cody Winterfeld

Darkness falls around me.
Clouds so thick I cannot see.
Mysterious figures lurk about.
This is insanity, I dare not doubt.

My mind shut tight under lock and key.
Shadows crawl around me.
Eyes open wide for this is no dream.
Moonlight shines a narrow beam.

A man stands were I can see.
A hole right were his heart should be.
This man moves but does not walk.
This man speaks but does not talk.

This man crept slowly toward towards me.
Now I see this man is thee.
His eyes are cold, his heart is gone.
For this must mean my life is done.


High School Second Place - Penta Career Center
Untitled - Brittany Lynn Paul

Trust and believe
I never wanted to leave
But I left without choice
Because you drowned out my voice

I had no reason to trust
All you wanted was lust
I just wanted love
That fit like a glove

You gave me a heart-ache
That would last for all time
And that single heart break
Was a most tragic crime

For you told me a lie on top of a lie
And with this last lie I tell you goodbye
Because to hold on to a love lost
Is to discover it was a lost cost

Of one girl’s broken heart
that you alone tore apart
Along with her dreams
that you ripped at the seams

So farewell my dearest
For you’ve stolen my spirit
I have no means to stay
Therefor I bid you good day!