We would like to congratulate all of the winners. We also want to thank all of the students who participated in this year's contest. Click on a poem's title to navigate to that poem. 

Junior High Winners
1st: *Magic Man* - Peityn Theobalds
2nd: THE HOOD - Cota Sinclair
3rd: Lifeline - Madison Lang

High School Winners
1st: Untitled - Cody Scott
2nd: Brother - Jessi Siler
3rd: Music Romance - Heip Doan


First Place Junior High (Rossford)

Seventh Grader - Peityn Theobalds

*Magic Man*

Dribble, dribble. Shoot. Swish.

You can count on him all the time.

You'll never see him miss a shot or ever use break time.

But he's not only a shooter! Wait! Yes, there's more.

He can dribble and he can pass to help his teammates score.

He can shoot threes like no other.  And he can post all the way.

And he's always in the gym from night to dawn of day.

He's the MAGIC MAN I tell you!

And he's definitely earned that name.

Because basketball to him will never be just a game.

To others he's a gym rat, and seems a little obsessed.

But in a game he gives it all and never anything less.

He's the MAGIC MAN I tell you and kids look at him with bright eyes.

He's humble and modest, but on the court grows demon eyes.

He's the MAGIC MAN because he made his dreams come true.

Could you be the next MAGIC MAN or GIRL too?


Second Place - Junior High (Rossford)

Seventh Grader - Cota Sinclair


In the hood
Watching drugs sold
watching fights, blood coming out
Cops coming, everybody runs
What's going on, I"m lost
Cop sirens getting closer
1 guy
2 guys
5 guys in the back of the car
As cops leave and don't come back
The hood comes back to life
As you walk the streets of the hood
you hear the loud music,
see smoke,and see laughter on people's faces
As you smell the grill,
The grandpa of the hood came out to cook.
After a great grill out with the hood,
It is time to hit the bed as you hear guns popping,
As you pray to the lord,
All I do is Thank you for my life
And pray to live the next day.


Third Place - Junior High (Rossford)

Seventh Grader - Madison Lang


My mom says books are my lifeline
But they aren't
I slip away

I fall deep in my thoughts
Drowning in my stories,
Not that I mind

I don't even want a lifeline
I like being alone
I like being in my own world

Slipping, drowning, lost
This is all I love
In my mind


First Place - High School (Penta Career Center)

Junior - Cody Scott


I am beaten, broken and lost.

I'm torn apart like a 2,000 piece puzzle.

I don't believe anyone could put me together.

With every passing day, I gain a piece to my puzzle or lose one.

Will my puzzle ever be finished?


Second Place - High School (Phoenix Academy)

Sophomore - Jessi Siler


you'll never understand,
how much you mean to me,
through the good and bad,
we remain family.

all that you are,
and everything you do,
no matter what,
ill always look up to you.

without you,
im alone,
id never make it,
on my own,

i love you,
like no other,
my only brother.


Third Place - High School (Rossford)

Sophomore - Heip Doan

Music Romance

The way you play your guitar,
The way you sing.
Your voice is a melody.
A melody of peace.

The way your eyes shine,
The way you look at me.
Such a beautiful thing.

The one who melted my heart,
The one who made the beat,
The one who made the rhythm
The rhythm of my heart.

Like I said,
You're one of a kind,
It's like fate,
Like destiny,

Such a beautiful thing,
Such harmony.
What a great love,
You and me.