We would like to congratulate all of the winners. We also want to thank all of the students who participated in this year's contest. The poems were published in the Rossford Record Journal's May 23, 2013 edition. Click on a poem's title to navigate to that poem.

Junior High Winners
1st: "The Race!" - Jake Pietrasz
2nd: "Us" - Benford Whitaker
3rd (tie): "Papa" - Makayla Tucker
3rd (tie): "Have You" - Ivy Bergstrom
3rd (tie): "Death" - Trevor Hawkins

High School Winners
1st: "Panic" - Emily Price, junior
2nd: "A Heart Cries Silently" - Taylor Roberts, senior
3rd (tie): "My Search" - Luke Jacobs, junior
3rd (tie): "As the Wind Blows" - Martina De Lao

First Place – Rossford Junior High School
"The Race!" - Jake Pietrasz

Laying out in the open
As far as the eye can see,
A large round track
Is staring back at me.
There it sits
Waiting for me,
To run so fast and really be free.
I get on my shorts, my shoes, my shirt
Then kick around a little dirt,
Here I am at the starting line
BANG! The gun and the race starts fine.
I'm running fast with the wind in my face
Keeping up a really steady pace,
I see the finish line just right up ahead
I'm sprinting now feeling almost dead.
I finish in first with a very good time
I'm sore and stiff like a street mime,
Then I pack up my stuff and leave the track
So long my good friend, I know I will be back.


Second Place - Rossford Junior High School
“Us” - Benford Whitaker

You go with the flow,
Well I go against it.
I make me myself,
So go make yourself.
No matter how hard it gets,
I’ll keep pushing forward.
If I ever see to it,
I’ll drag you along.
So you’re not one of the
Like everybody else.
They say only time can tell
But he’s not the only one.
They all see us in motion,
But I doubt they will follow.
I’ll hang on to you,
Till we get to the end.
And never look back,
Until time comes again.


Third Place (Tie) - Rossford Junior High School
"Papa" - Makayla Tucker

I stand by the casket
drowning in the shadows of the past
submerged in my own psyche
sorrow caresses my cheek
and sculpts a new tear to fall
among the uninvited thoughts
my happiness is lost
in a sea of grey

My eyes run faster than my mind
As if I'm in a fog
and the more I struggle
the thicker it gets

I put his hand in my hand
just to feel one last touch
before my rotting treasure is buried
6 feet under the ground
but with a stone to mark the spot
instead of an "X"

My happy memories are consumed
by the thought that he's gone.
I'm chained to a wall
with links made from tears
I sit contained and watch the world move on
happiness is temporary in my place of solitude
but from floor to ceiling I'm surrounded
by tears that only I see
or feel the sound of my sobbing is silent to others
but it booms like thunder in my ears
my steel walls keep the rest of my sorrow out
but also keeps all of my emotions in.


Third Place (Tie) - Rossford Junior High School
"Have You" - Ivy Bergstrom

Have you ever seen a dog
Your best friend
Gone in a blink of the eye
The only one who loved you
no matter what
Have you ever lost family?
A long and painful death
Wondering when you'd
have to say goodbye
Each day never knowing
if this was their last
Have you ever lost your best
because of what you said?
Have you ever spent a day
in my shoes
if you haven't, then why do
you judge me as you do?


Third Place (Tie) – Rossford Junior High School
"Death" - Trevor Hawkins

Death can be a friend, death can be an enemy, death will go with the wind
He comes with an essence, you can tell that he's here, death will go with the wind
Through the windows and under the doors, death will go with the wind
He will take your life whenever he wants, death will go with the wind
He will come without warning, and soon he will strike, death will go with the wind
So live your life now up to its height, for when the wind shifts, death will go with the wind


HS First Place – Rossford High School
"Panic" - Emily Price, junior

I don’t know how long I’ll stay here
But I think we ought to meet.
I think I’ll tell you something about myself,
Though I don’t think you'll understand at first.
I hide in the darkness of your soul.
I wander through your mind.
Though usually I’m kept in check,
Some, like you, get a chance to meet me.
I will show you another side of life,
One normally hidden underneath.
It usually frightens and scares,
Though I certainly don’t understand why.
I shoot invisible arrows to open the mind
To any who know me, at any time.
Though you will know its powerful effects,
Those around won’t understand at all.
There is nothing physically wrong, they think,
Yet they can’t get you to snap out of it.
Neither soothing words nor anything else
Will help you till the effects wear off.
By the way, my name’s Panic if you didn’t know.
I sometimes work with Anxiety, a relative of mine.
But back to you and me, I think we’ll get along just fine.
Who knows? Maybe I'll even stick around a while.


HS Second Place – Penta Career Center
"A Heart Cries Silently" - Taylor Roberts, senior

(Dedicated to Grandpa Roberts)
My heart cries silently in the night
Waiting to feel your love before the break of dawn
In the dark, my cries for your light
To shed the dark shadow that binds my chest
My heart cries silently in the night
My heart cries silently for some love
It cries with all its might
Before sleeping like a dove
I lay awake, listening to the sounds of the night
Wishing you were here listening with me
To these wondrous sounds of the night
My heart has awoken and continues to cry
I lie still for a minute, then get out of bed
And I sway to the night's sweet music
I lay back and start to wonder
Why did you leave so suddenly?
And without a goodbye
You left a hole in my chest
Where you once sat so closely
Fighting back tears, I simply say this
You were the best of the best, better than the rest
I have done all I can, yet strangely, still
I beg for just a single candle for me to light
For my heart cries silently in the night.


HS Third Place (Tie) – Rossford High School
“My Search” - Luke Jacobs, junior

I sought a safe haven, a place I would be loved.
In my head my imagination ran wild with the possibilities,
I'm just a dreamer, and you were just a dream;
You came into my life an angel and left an angel;
Only I changed.
Your body like a magnet and my heart like metal,
you took it without a second thought.
Efficiently enthralled, I sought nothing else,
only wanting your warm touch.
I saw a blinding light and felt the heat of a desert;
you had left my life.
My mind was shattered;
I picked up the pieces as best I could.
I looked for another haven,
hoping to find another angel like you.


HS Third Place (Tie) - Penta Career Center
"As the Wind Blows" - Martina De Lao

I Smell
    the flowers.
    The homemade food.
I see
    the leaves blow.
    The trees sway.
I feel
    the cold winds.
    The hot sun.
I want
    the summer.
    The pool.
I need
    the food.
    The warmth