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about:books about:books

Information about books and authors.

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Green leaf and Ancestry Library Edition logo Ancestry Library/ProQuest

Discover your unique family history. This resource includes billions of records from around the world, including from U.S., U.K., and Canadian census and vital records, immigration and passport records, periodicals and books, photos, and more. You must be in Rossford Public Library or another library to access this site.

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AtoZ Maps Online logo AtoZ Maps Online

The world's most comprehensive collection of royalty-free downloadable maps for schools, academic institiutions, and public libraries. Access modern maps, antique maps, maps of exploration, geography games, and video guides.

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AtoZ World The USA logo AtoZ The USA

50 States, 5 Territories, and Washington, DC covering the USA from sea to shining sea. Bringing the diversity and history of the USA to life in a beautifully-illustrated resource designed especially for libraries and schools.

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AtoZ World Food logo AtoZ World Food

174 country cookbooks in one online resource. Explore food culture and traditional recipes from around the world. It's a movable feast in a digital cookbook.

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AtoZ Travel logo AtoZ World Travel

202 world cities to explore in one online resource. A comprehensive travel guide providing practical information for experiencing the world and all its wonders, for travelers and students alike.

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